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  • I struggle to make real connections with people I’ve met online
  • I’ve had many bad experiences with online dating
  • I’ve met some good people, but for one reason or another nothing eventuates
  • It’s hard for me to push myself to get out and meet new people
  • The idea of Matchmaking excites me!
  • I am ready to push outside my comfort zone and try something new
  • I’ve been given feedback from previous relationships that I’m not sure how to integrate
  • I’m ready to meet my lifelong partner

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As a certified coach, Nicola is trained to listen deep, ask strategic questions, and get you to a place where you start to think differently, and act upon it.  She is most passionate about helping people uncover beliefs that no longer serve a purpose, question them, and slowly release them.  You will be pushed to think big and open your mind, and explore possibilities never thought of before.  Most of the roadblocks we set in life were set many years ago and so deeply engrained in our psyche that we can’t see them for what they are – old coping mechanisms that no longer serve a purpose.  Is it time to rewrite some belief systems?

Nicola truly believes that everyone has the greatest potential inside of them and is here to wholly support you in that journey.

At ‘The One For You’, you don’t just get matched – you will also be set up on a date with your Match, designed to bring out your best self.  Prepare to have fun and show a little vulnerability while getting to know your date on a deeper level.  There are different denominations of Date Packages available, and the possibilities are almost endless.  


The Tailored Date Experience will also be available to people who are already partnered up.  Perhaps it’s a 1-year anniversary, marriage proposal, or birthday celebration and you want to do something really special for your partner?  I work with you to design an experience neither of you will ever forget.  

A 90 minute collaboration where Nicola will embark on a deep dive to discover who you are at your core.  How you see the world, your values, your deal breakers, what you want, what you don’t want, your dreams and desires, your perceived strengths and flaws… All questions are designed to give her a holistic view of who you are as a person and where you want to head in life.  We will also be discovering your Attachment Style (adapted from the book ‘Attached” by Amit Levine & Rachel Heller) and your Love Language (by Dr Gary Chapman), all designed to increase your levels of self-awareness.  


It can be hard for some people to make time for themselves, and I want to make sure you’re getting value for time and money.  I respect you and your needs and will always endeavour to create a fulfilling experience for you.  

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At TOFY we love life, but we know it can’t all be easy, all the time.  If you’re new to the dating arena, or ready to move past the toxic merry-go-round that is online dating, perhaps it’s time to try something new?  Everyone that registers is pre-screened to ensure suitability to this platform (once you go through the First Consultation you’ll see what we mean!).  In a nutshell, if you’re a nice person with good levels of self-awareness and actually have the intention of entering into a relationship when you meet the right person, you’ll be on our books.

There are different specials and dating packages available, and my aim is to be affordable for all.  Once you pay for the Initial Consultation and register, you’ll be on a “pay as you go” system.  This means that you get to choose how much you spend on a date with someone, or which social meet up events you attend.  

Absolutely not.  Your level of involvement with monthly events is completely up to you.  You pay for the registration and whatever date package you’re comfortable with as you go.  No contracts, ever.  

Everyone that registers is met face to face, and is taken through a very thorough consultation process including an Attachment Style test, in-depth questioning, and discovering your Love Language.  I take your interests, ideal mate, and general vibes into account and match you with anyone I think you might have some things in common with.  Along with intuition, I use a tailored algorithm system to find matches.  I want you to find connection, understanding, and joy with another and I’m here with you the whole way!  

As soon as TOFY reaches Premium Platinum Gold Level status we’ll be able to afford a crystal ball and never get it wrong.  Jokes aside, the reality is you may not connect with everyone you meet.  But at the very least, you can rest assured that things like ghosting, icing, and gas-lighting will be a thing of the past.  Think of the ‘not quite right for me’ dates as strengthening your dating muscle as you push through comfort zones and learn to trust again.

Due to the nature of the business, I can’t guarantee how long it will take before you’re matched with someone.  It could be quite quickly, or it could take a little longer.  We want to make sure it’s a strong match so we don’t waste your time or money.  In the mean time, you’ll be invited to attend regular social events or discover more about yourself through the 1:1 Coaching Sessions.

I will submit a brief profile to each person and state why I’ve matched you together.  I will then arrange a time to suit both parties to meet and plan the date to suit your budget and interests.  I request some brief feedback after the date from each person and we go from there.

Maybe you’re asking this question because you’ve never tried it?  If you choose to try online dating, my best advice is to be strong.  Strong in your convictions, strong in your boundary setting, and secure in your worthiness.  All of these lines get tested and pushed when interacting with strangers online with unknown intentions.

N.B ‘The One For You’ does not tolerate discrimination and is open to people of all backgrounds, ages, and sexual orientation.