The one for you

Love starts with you first; I can help you find the way.

Nicola Henderson started The One For You to provide people a healthy and safe alternative to online dating.  With her solid coaching, sales and recruitment experience, coupled with Nicola’s own extensive personal online dating journey, she is the perfect person to guide and support you to find the One love and connection you have been looking for.   

Nicola has an innate passion and tireless drive for understanding love and oneself, giving her a unique edge in the modern-day dating landscape.  Nicola has a gift in recognising energies and matching them accordingly.  Nicola’s goal is to help people flourish in a more satisfying, fulfilling, communicative and fun relationship – within themselves and with their special someone.  She is passionate about self-acceptance, owning who you are, and helping others find their way to a healthy headspace. 

"If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”

-Ru Paul


At TOFY we love life, but we know it can’t all be easy, all the time.  If you’re new to the dating arena, or ready to move past the toxic merry-go-round that is online dating, perhaps it’s time to try something new?  Everyone that registers is pre-screened to ensure suitability to this platform (once you go through the First Consultation you’ll see what we mean!).  In a nutshell, if you’re a nice person with good levels of self-awareness and actually have the intention of entering into a relationship when you meet the right person, you’ll be on our books.

There are different specials and dating packages available, and my aim is to be affordable for all.  Once you pay for the Initial Consultation and register, you’ll be on a “pay as you go” system.  This means that you get to choose how much you spend on a date with someone, or which social meet up events you attend.  

Absolutely not.  Your level of involvement with monthly events is completely up to you.  You pay for the registration and whatever date package you’re comfortable with as you go.  No contracts, ever.  

Everyone that registers is met face to face, and is taken through a very thorough consultation process including an Attachment Style test, in-depth questioning, and discovering your Love Language.  I take your interests, ideal mate, and general vibes into account and match you with anyone I think you might have some things in common with.  Along with intuition, I use a tailored algorithm system to find matches.  I want you to find connection, understanding, and joy with another and I’m here with you the whole way!  

As soon as TOFY reaches Premium Platinum Gold Level status we’ll be able to afford a crystal ball and never get it wrong.  Jokes aside, the reality is that even though we might think you’re compatible you may not connect with everyone you meet.  It’s recommended to go on a few dates with someone to see if a romantic connection develops through our tailored date design experience, but at the very least you can rest assured that things like ghosting and icing will be a thing of the past.  Think of the ‘not quite right for me’ dates as strengthening your dating muscle as you push through comfort zones and learn to trust again.

Due to the nature of the business, I can’t guarantee how long it will take before you’re matched with someone.  It could be quite quickly, or it could take a little longer.  We want to make sure it’s a strong match so we don’t waste your time or money.  In the mean time, you’ll be invited to attend regular social events or discover more about yourself through the 1:1 Coaching Sessions.

I will submit a brief profile to each person and state why I’ve matched you together.  I will then arrange a time to suit both parties to meet and plan the date to suit your budget and interests.  I request some brief feedback after the date from each person and we go from there.

Maybe you’re asking this question because you’ve never tried it?  If you choose to try online dating, my best advice is to be strong.  Strong in your convictions, strong in your boundary setting, and secure in your worthiness.  All of these lines get tested and pushed when interacting with strangers online with unknown intentions.



"Nicola not only guided me through single life, but is there for me with advice and perspective when I need it in my current relationship. I can rely on Nicola to be positive influence, and to help guide and grow me and my relationship"
Zoy S
Banking Manager
"It is evident that Nicola genuinely loves helping people! Her approach is personalised and very supportive. It is so refreshing to meet someone who wants you to succeed and grow, Nicola is that person."

Laura S
"Nicola has taught me how to make the best out of every moment. She walks the talk, her confidence and knowledge is infectious and I always walk away from our conversations with a clearer vision."

Antonija O
"Nicola’s personality is infectious and you immediately feel at ease in her presence. Down to earth, intelligent and always there to listen, Nicola has the natural ability to understand different perspectives. I have valued every moment and conversation I have had with Nicola. Highly recommend!"
Lauren S
“What I love about Nicola is the way she’s truthful and positive even when a romantic connection hasnt been there for her. It’s something I’ve tried to do for myself. Also, Nicola owns who she is. She’s proud of who she is and doesn’t fuss with people and things that aren’t for her."

Khristian K
Hair Expert
”Nicola is both energising and calming to be around at the same time. I have often called upon Nicola in very trying times in my life where I needed perspective and guidance. She is my ‘go to’ with complex relationship issues and mapping out solutions."

Chloe I
"Nicola has extensive insight when it comes to matchmaking and planning ideas for dates and events. She listens well, gives great advice and has strong coaching skills."
Nick C
Sales Executive
"Nicola is one of the most vibrant, switched-on, and perceptive people I know. Her ability to be present and receptive is refreshing and she has a natural gift for organising people!"​
Bonnie F
Massage Therapist
"Nicola has a gift when it comes to counseling you as an individual or advice towards an issue or another area you are trying to navigate in a relationship with someone. She listens and provides sound observations and advice and everytime it is exactly what I needed to hear or avenue I have to take. She makes you feel very relaxed and safe so you can be yourself and she has a knack in finding your true values. Even though I have found my "the one" I will still contact her from time to time to get advice on things, whether it be work or personal and I always come away after the conversation with a clearer mind. I can highly recommend Nicola and her services."
Ashley M
Business Owner